PAINTING CLASSES .... PAT BLAIR, Artist/Instructor


A beginning to drawing kit is essential for this class.  

You may purchase an inexpensive pre-packaged drawing box kit or you may purchase these supplies for your drawings in any art supply shop or art supply station in a department store.  

5 graphite pencils: ( I Recommend TURQUOISE brand)  purchase #4H, #2H,  HB, #2B, #4B.

4 sticks of charcoal

2 Blending Stubs

pencil sharpener  (later you might want to purchase and electric  sharpener)

A Dry Eraser Pad  (These are little pillows packed full of eraser fragments)

gum eraser

Drawing Pads  9 x12 , 11 x 14 and 19 x 24.  I recommend Strathmore-Bristol
pads and be sure they are marked vellum.

an artist's sketch notebook journal  at least  9" x 12"

2 fine Sandpaper sheets

Drawing board about 20 x 24"

masking tape

small box of tissues




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